You Get Older, You Get Tired...Right? Wrong!



Feeling tired as you get older isn't normal - there are things you can do to provide your body with consistent energy.

Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that getting older means accepting that you always feel tired … too many people  unquestioningly accept fatigue as one of the time-honored tribulations of aging.  It’s not – it is entirely possible to maintain youthful energy levels while you age.

The human species is designed to be adaptable. To ensure our survival on earth, our bodies are able to adapt to a wide range of challenges – including, you may be shocked to hear, lower levels of functioning. Without even realizing, many people’s bodies adapt to fatigue – it’s actually a condition we call “fatigue adaptation.”

When fatigue adaptation happens, we start accepting lower and lower levels of energy for ourselves. We so frequently feel exhausted, tired and depleted, we learn to accept it as  a normal part of the aging process … but we don’t have to. We can fight  fatigue adaptation by supplying our bodies with a constant intake of key nutrients and other energy-boosting activities. Nutrients in equals energy out.

The Nutrients That Deliver Energy

Vitamins B2, B3, magnesium, lipoic acid, CoQ10, carnitine and ribose are the core nutrients that generate energy for the mitochondria (energy-giving cells) in your body. Without these nutrients, you don’t have any energy. Of this list, the key component is  ribose. Consider it the sparkplug to other nutrients, serving to energize all  the other nutrients.  

Here’s the take-home: Fatigue adaptation is reversible.  Just remember it is unnatural and unnecessary to feel constantly fatigued. Regaining youthful energy is 100% possible by restoring your body with key nutrients, specifically ribose. Refueling your physical and mental wellbeing will generate energy and youth, no matter what your age!

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