Recovering from Abdominal Surgery



Dealing with abdominal surgery issues

Q: How long does it usually take for abdominal surgery to heal?

A: Well, it takes quite a while to heal because abdominal surgery disrupts the colonic movement. Many times, when people have abdominal surgery of any kind, they wind up with weeks, if not months, of constipation and all sorts of issues, and then, diarrhea.  It takes a long time. Remember, the term abdominal surgery is very vague because abdominal surgery could be stomach; it could be a gall bladder; it could be splenic - it could be a wide variety of different things, and each one of them requires a different intervention. Each one of the different kinds of abdominal surgeries will take a different amount of time to heal. For example, if you're going to have abdominal surgery for a spleen, that's not going to impact the motility of the gut as much as abdominal surgery on the stomach or the small intestine. 


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