The Best Way to Take Glutathione



 The right and wrong way to take glutathione

Q: I heard recently that the best way to take glutathinoe is sublingually, otherwise you you won't get the benefits - is that true?

A: I'm not sure where you heard that, but whoever said that does not know much about physiology of glutathione. I've studied it for almost 30 years.  That is not the way you should take glutathione. In fact, that's one of the worst ways to get glutathione in your body, and this has been proven. What you should do is do is solve it for yourself, rather than getting involved in a debate - just do a Google search on glutathione supplementation. Most of the research done at McGill University on this issue I agree with. One of the best ways is a disulphide bond cysteine that comes from whey protein. Taking glutathione sublingually is not a good idea because of the degradation of the glutathione in the stomach because of the hydrochloric acid.  So it's not one of the top ways that I would choose to replenish glutathione.  

This isn't just my opinion - this is the opinion of a great many scientists that the most powerful way to introduce glutathione into the body is through oral supplementation of a bio-activated undenatured whey protein.

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