The Best Way to Absorb Vitamin D



The best way to get Vitamin D into your body. 

Q: I am taking gel caps of Vitamin D right now - is there an alternative that will allow me to absorb Vitamin D better?

A: You would absorb Vitamin D better if you took it as a pure liquid - as a drop. Since Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, it is very difficult to absorb. Vitamin D is best taken with a large fatty meal, as long as you are eating food that contains some sort of animal or vegetable fat. If you are eating a meal that has olive oils or fish oils, that works great as well. Taking your Vitamin D liquid with a fatty meal will allow it to absorb quickly into your body. And without a doubt, a liquid form of Vitamin D is what you should be taking. Vitamin D3 liquid is a great option - 5 drops, or about 5,000 international units with a high fat meal should give you 100% absorption.

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