15 Symptoms of Estrogen Overload



Typical signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance

There are 15 major symptoms of estrogen dominance – do any of these apply to you?

breast tenderness

decreased sex drive

depression and anxiety

dry eyes

a domino effect


foggy thinking

hair loss



memory loss

mood swings

water retention and bloating


irregular periods.

These are the typical signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance, and this could have to do with the fact that you have more belly than you’re supposed to have - all of that fat is bunched up around your waist. If your waist is greater than 40 inches and you’re a male, or greater than 35 inches if you’re a female, then you’ve got extra visceral fat.  That is not just storage of fat cells but a pro-inflammatory mush of estrogens that get leached out of the body, leading to over 15 different symptoms and a wide variety of illnesses as well. There is even an acceleration of the aging process. People with extra estrogen have higher rates of allergies including asthma, hives, and sinus congestion.  


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